Strike a Match

by Amanda Jayne

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released April 23, 2016

Produced/Engineered by Christopher Reilly // Reilly Record Productions

All songs written by Amanda Jayne
Track 5 written by Amanda Jayne & Christopher Reilly

To all who made this possible, thank you for bringing this concept to light and believing in the musical journey: Christopher Reilly, Jake Marconi, CJ Arey, Erik Klein, Amanda Murphy, & Terry Little



all rights reserved


Amanda Jayne New York

Amanda Jayne is a singer-songwriter from Long Island, NY. With upbeat acoustic melodies, catchy hooks, and clever lyrics, her music will keep you entertained as well as emotionally invested.

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Track Name: One
You’re messing with my better half
The only thing I have left
You’re burning off my candle wax
Until I don’t know myself
I thought I was in greater shape
But I can’t work it out
Cause nothing bends before it breaks
All my fears and the doubt

You’re a player - hope you play it right

Chorus: Could you be the one, could you be the one
That gets under my skin
Could you be the one, could you be the one
That I finally let in
Could you be the first, could you be the last
That I’ll never resist
Could you be the one, could you be the one
Are you ready for this?

The way you look at me is just
Buried deep in my thoughts
It’s psycho how you built the trust
And how you found what was lost
I tried to make it rational
But it’s not all laid out
I’m latched, attached, and asking, love
Can you deal with the doubt?

You’re insane but you’re the same as I

Track Name: Playing Dumb
Boyfriends and their trophy girls
The only way to get by in this world
And I think you’re so interesting
They’re telling me to fall in line, beautify
And then I’ll be just fine
Your smile’s electricity

How would you feel if you had no personality?
How would you know if you took the chance and let it go?

Chorus: I’m playing dumb for a different meaning
You just blow me away
The real reason that I cannot speak
Nothing else I could say
Is this what I should do to make you love me?
Playing dumb, playing society

Pull down your shirt and stand up straight
Little girl, then you’ll be on your way
You’re so cool and confident
Giggle, laugh, try to be cute
You’d do it if you knew what’s good for you
Oh, you must be heaven sent

How would you act if you’re always under attack?
How would you know if you took the chance and let it go?


Even if I didn’t have the right to speak my mind
It wouldn’t matter ‘cause the words are hard to find

Track Name: Means & Ways
I’m not as easy as your previous
I’m not more certain than your last
If we put the future behind us
We could cover up the past

Make new mistakes, oh, it’s the chance to take
I’ll never give you up - just shift and adjust

Chorus: You’re so different, I cannot stand it
You don’t know my heart is hurting
And it’s perfect, completely worth it
Moving on, that means I’m learning
The means and ways

You’re not as eager as my friends were
You’re not the shiny social scene
But if we come up with new words
Write our own dictionary

Correct mistakes - we’ll bend until we break
I’ll never set you free - please believe in me


Ways to go, we’re moving slow
So close your eyes and rollercoast
Changed my face but kept the clothes
I need you most

Track Name: Once in a While
He’s the kind of guy who would lie out of convenience
He’s the type of person to ignore all of your feelings
It’s alright; I’m alright
He’s the kind of guy who keeps messing with your standards
He’s the type of person who would say you’re hard to handle
It’s alright; I’m alright

Chorus: If I climbed a mountain, would I see you on the other side
If I swam the ocean, would you roll in with the tide
It’s a simple question, would you be here all the time?
Or here once in a while, or here once in a while

He’s the kind of guy who’s not ready for commitment
He’s the type of person to go kissing other women
It’s alright; I’m alright
He’s the kind of guy for unnecessary drama
He’s the type of person to run crying to his mama
It’s alright; I’m alright

Chorus (x2)
Track Name: He Said So
I awoke upon the couch, memories I don’t know how that I was not the only female in attendance, I was not the only female with regrets and I looked at her with a hint of condescendence, then she went and showered and came back for breakfast, wondering if I had overstayed my welcome, he can overwhelm your heart and mind and then some, never something serious, he told me, he said so.

He said it’s not a thing
So I can’t have feelings
And there’s no diamond ring
But she still lives with him
Track Name: Crazy B****
This feeling’s unrequited
But I refuse to be quiet
I won’t be happy ‘til I get the last word
Then silence
It bothers me to think that
You didn’t know I was attached
I understand all of your discomfort
My attack

After all this, I can’t help but think

Chorus: What if I’m the crazy bitch
In this relationship
What if I should start to think
About a therapist
What if I’m the girl next door
What if I’m not even sure
If you love me, if you hate me, what’s the sitch?
Am I a crazy bitch?

No, you could never read me
Or have the guts to believe me
Try to step out of your little bubble
So needy

After all this, I can’t help but think


I remember
You said goodbye, but I held tight
You said safe home, but I say no

This feeling’s unrequited
But I refuse to be quiet
I won’t be happy ‘til you know you’re

Track Name: Phone Call
Hey - how are you
Haven’t heard your voice in such a long time
I’ve forgotten what it sounds like
Glad - to hear it
Schoolwork drags you out like garbage
They say Junior year’s the hardest

Are you happy? Cause I am
Cause I am, cause I am

How’s - your family
Upset I never got to meet them
Cause they’re blessed by how you treat them
Yeah - the school play
No shock that you got the lead role
You know how to find the soul

Are you happy? Cause I am
Can you see that? Cause I can

Who - was that girl
Saw she got you a dozen roses
The entire town took notice
I - support you
Think you’d make a perfect couple
You were tailored for each other

But are you happy? Cause I am
Cause I am, cause I am

I took a shot, but I never saw the doubt
If I decide to call you one day, please be prepared to call me out
You’ll take a shot, take the air out of my lungs
But that will never be enough
So I guess I’ll just hang up
Track Name: Outro
If you need some help, if you need some help
You should let me know
If you need a friend, if you need a friend
You won’t ever be alone
If you want my time, if you want my life
I will let it all go
I will be the one, I will be the one
If I was ever yours